Draaijer Turbo Service was founded by Rogier Draaijer. After over 17 years in the turbo sector, he partnered with Leon van der Horst to start a company in October of 2010. Both firmly believed that they could serve customers better than the market at the time. This conviction outweighed the risk they took as entrepreneurs –casting all certainty to the wind. What started off in a small commercial unit quickly moved into its first building in Dordrecht in 2011.

Bolstered by the best of their former colleagues and their new approach, the company enjoyed turbocharged growth. All these folks from the early days are passionate members of the team to this day. Ivo Draaijer, Rogier’s brother, later came aboard, and proved to be cut from the same cloth. They both have a quirky obsession for turbocharger technology –they enjoy nothing more than repairing any and all kinds of damage to these devices. Through the years, the company keeps growing and growing: employees, office space, shop floor… The last one has now even expanded around the world. Draaijer Turbo Service set up its Spanish branch several years ago.

A pleasant deviation

They all have a pleasant deviation; the technology of the turbocharger interests them immensely and they want nothing more than to repair all possible damage. The company continues to grow over the years, in terms of employees, company surface and working area. The latter now covers the entire world. For several years now, Draaijer Turbo Service has also had a branch in Spain.