We view turbocharger repair as a challenge. That goes for all brands. But we’ve prepared a list of the most popular makes for you. Of course we keep all spare parts in stock.

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Imbalance that exceeds the allowable tolerance

Imbalance exceeding the allowable tolerance in a turbocharger, usually caused by damaged rotor blades of the turbine wheel or compressor wheel, is bad news.
An imbalance exceeding the permitted tolerance –usually caused by damaged rotor blades on the turbine wheel or compressor wheel –is bad news in a turbocharger. The resulting vibrations will first damage the bearings, then the whole turbocharger, which will ultimately fail. We can check for this by measuring the vibrations, either in our service centre or on your site with our equipment. If necessary, we can perform dynamic balancing to prevent damage down the road.
Draaijer Turbo Service has the right people and the right equipment in house for effective diagnostics and repairs. We specialise in: